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Can you add an option to not have games appear in your completed list, unless you have also completed all the DLC with achievements? That is just how I see it. For example Defiance, I have completed the fist 1000, but not any of the DLC as I do not own it yet.
I plan on adding an option to your Gamertag Settings page which will enable you to specify how DLC should be factored in to completions. This will be one of the options. Currently, everyone is set to include owned DLC only. DLC ownership is based on whether or not you have unlocked an achievement for that DLC pack. If you haven't unlocked any DLC achievements, then it assumes you don't own any DLC packs for that game. This new option would mark the game as completed only if you complete all the available DLC achievements and non-DLC achievements. Look for this to be added following the Xbox One update.
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