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First of all, this is completely Fshguy's idea so I take zero credit. He hasn't posted it yet so I'm going to because I think it's an awesome idea.

We should be able to tag users, like most social media, and have it show up on both feeds. Two examples..
  1. I thanked Fsh in comments on my board
  2. I mentioned Fsh here in this post.

It would be very cool if it showed up no his wall that Kaens mentioned you in this thread or in a comment here. It could extend to any comments, on the boards, in solution, wherever. Naturally we would need filters to exclude those from our feed or to block users (someone else already recommended the block feature). Too good of an idea to not share. Thanks @Fshguy (oh wait, doesn't work yet).
Give me an opt out.

Or at the very least, settings. Much like in social media, I don't allow non-friends to tag me, so, I don't want people tagging me here.
Sure Futiles, I asked for filter, but we can already talk about you in every post and comment if we want. We just can't put it in your feed.
I am not saying block one person from it. I am saying opt out, entirely.

I don't want to have to say 'This User cannot tag me' nor 'This User' nor 'This User.'

That is very different from a filter or a block user.
Neat idea and I'm sure can be brought up for consideration, I'm sure opting someone completely out could be done easier than opting individuals..I personally like the idea, but how many times do you actually mention another gamer in your post other than a reply. I think maybe you can have it show on your profile that someone quoted you in a thread perhaps?
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