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With the recent influx of users, I've noticed we have a lot of people who have had problems getting their badges assigned properly. They open new threads, and some get fixed, some don't (e.g. *cough* my OpenId badge). It would be nice, and cleaner for the boards, if I could say navigate to the badge and over where it shows my progress I could click a button to report a problem. Then you could have staff investigate the open items, either grant or tag it as being investigated, what have you.

Cleaner boards and member could see the status of the badge right in their own profile.
May not be a bad idea, since I've had the exact issue with the same badge (Open ID), and know a few others are having problems with certain ones commonly as well.
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Honestly, not just badges, but any support in general could benefit from this. Site pages not loading/redirecting properly, a failed badge, general disarray, etc.

Then staff would have a single location to check issues, see if there is a common link (OpenID badge, for instance), get a feel for users that are actively trying to assist the site, too (which would help them in new staff selections, should the need arise), and get a trend history on issues.
Hey i know what you mean bout the badges cause i was suppose to get the thanksgiving badge last year but never got it you suppose to get it at the end of the day and still wating lol

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