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Just thinking it would be nice to have a WP Forum in the Gaming Forums section for people like myself that play a lot of phone games. There's one for every other platform except this one for some reason. The other option would be to just call the PC one Mobile instead, but I'd much rather keep them separate because of all the GFWL stuff, as well as Win8.

Seems like WP doesn't get a lot of attention here in general, possibly just not a lot of people playing it regularly? There's actually more WP games (228) than PC games (GFWL & Win8) (142), Some badges and a sub forum would be awesome. Wink
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I hear ya, Buck, but every game has a sub forum. You go to the game and click the forum tab for it. I've been thinking about this format for the past few days myself because I like that things aren't too cluttered and it's pages of forums (like x360a), and with the way I use the forums (just clicking the unseen button) I find everything. But if this site had more traffic, I don't think that's sustainable. I don't know the answer. Sub forums would probably help.

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