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This idea may have already been mentioned in the past but I think one thing Facebook got right was the like system and it carries over to forums pretty well. I like the idea of seeing a post that makes me laugh, helps me with a problem, tips me off about a good deal, etc and clicking the Like button rather than seeing a funny post follwed by 10 posts containing nothing but lol and/or rofl emoticons.

Same for threads. I've seen many threads over the years that were very helpful and anytime I had the ability to like, upvote or rate it, I did so.
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I'm almost positive I've asked for this. We should have this everywhere like Facebook. I like this achievement or I like this comment or I like this thread, whatever.
Problems its can be just as abused in up voting your friends post instead of a post that actually helps thus burring the post that could probably really help better than just what your friend may have. So it's a double edged blade. I really see your point but I hope you see mine.. and again it's really not strictly up to me as this is just my opinion.
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Oh, I absolutely know where you're coming from. You can see that theory in action just by browsing the reviews. I think this is the reasoning behind FB having only a like and no dislike though. It puts the kabosh on those who would click dislike just because they hate the world and everyone in it, including themselves. Having no badges related to the feature would help curb abuse as well, me thinks.
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I agree with steel here. A simply like or thumbs-up or reputation system that merits positive contributions would be my suggestion. Of the threads and sites I have seen and used that used a rep system, some were staff approved too/ meaning that a positive rep point would be submitted and the staff would quickly vote yay or nay, with majority rule. Along with that, a simple like function high lights the potential rep-earnng post anyways. With a badge hungry group like us, we will need a more supervised situation here to prevent badge manipulation. So if my input means anything, a subtle like system for good contributions, and a staff-monitored distinct reputation system for great contributions is what I think would be a nice addition. But, entirely unnecessary since we seem to be a generally more mature group.
Down votes don't affect anything (yet) so it's just haters. OR maybe it's actual feedback that people don't like your review (or comment, or post or whatever). As a manager, positive feedback is nice, makes everyone feel good, but you need constructive feedback to grow. Just saying, if you can't handle it, maybe you shouldn't be writing terrible reviews or obnoxious posts.

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