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So I noticed there is a challenges leaderboard now (cool!) and that led me to realize that the filters for leaderboards are lacking. We can only filter by date right now, but I'd like to see a button to do just friends. Maybe move the country grouping in there somehow, I dunno. There are probably more way to filter this data too, but I just want to see how far ahead of Fshguy I am really.
07-14-2014 12:41 PM StaffPremium
ctrl-f.... Fshguy.

BTW, I do take bribes for new features... I might owe you a couple, although I think we should take that out of Futile's account.

Fortunately for you, we have common interests, so any self-serving features will likely benefit you as well.
Been a while since I posted here....simply because I am lazy. Would love to see extra features on the leaderboards too, like being able to have GS calculated only for certain platforms and genres etc.

Might have been brought up already, so apologies if it has.

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