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Would it be possible to be able to see our rating in our game library in our GN profile rather than the overall rating of the game or at least let us switch between the two? I have 208 games in my library and I've rated 207 of them. I'm having one hell of a hard time finding that one game I'm missing and it's driving my OCD nuts. Thanks.

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I feel your pain in that. This is actually an idea I support - I'd like the extra option of rating library games versus rating only a demo or rating a cross platform game, like rating Jetpack Joyride (WP) since you played it on W8 or something, and have it reflect in your library. Does that make any sense? It no longer does to me now.
I like your idea, Daemon. I would like the option of seeing how I rated a game, if only in my games library. With this option available, you could even go to my profile or library and see how I rated my games.
Porche, if I understand what you're saying, you believe that I shouldn't be able to rate, say, Bioshock PC just because I have played it on the 360. With differences in experiences and functionality between systems, I can see that point of view. I'm not sure what the current system is for rating games but perhaps the best option there would be to only be able to rate games/versions that you have played.

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Still searching for that game? It may be easier to find than you think. Go to your Profile and it will be listed on the bottom right hand corner of the information. Wait there's quite a few place to look for that!? I know and unfortunately I have rated every one of my games, so I can't remember which page it's on.. but it's there. Look on your profile under the Gamertag Tab and scroll down the right hand side. If it s not there check Overview and the Activity Feed Tabs. Same deal scroll down on the right hand side of the screen. Eventually you'll find it. It's in one of those three places. It should say rate your games and any time you play a new game it will show up there.

Hope that helps.
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