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I did a few searches and couldn't find anything mentioning this, so I figured I'd put in the request.

When I look at a game's achievements page (like, the achievements are always sorted by Order. I personally prefer the Unlock Date - Decending option (to show my most recently unlocked achievements at the top). But as far as I can tell (unless I'm just missing it), the only way to do this is to set the filter every single time I visit a game page. I would like the option to set my default Achievement Order (similar to how we have the option to set Game Library Order in our Settings).
Not sure if there is an option for this and I believe it may have been asked about before, but its ok to start a new thread as the other mention of this may not have its own thread or has been buried bringing it up again can't hurt. I think this would be a neat option my self, so it would have to be something the development team would have to look into doing. Just keep in mind there are a lot of things that GTN has on the to do list.
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