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Is it possible to have all achievements unlocked for each game displayed as one item notification on our feed that is collapsible? Meaning if I unlocked 10 achievements in one game and 15 in a 2nd game. There are just two notifications showing the increase of the achievement count and if I want to see the actual achievements click on the notification which opens up and shows the achievements gained.

Right now this would show up on our feeds as 27 notifications. I think it would just display nicer in this with the collapse option.
I like this idea. I had removed achievement notifications previously because they were cluttering up my feed so consistantly. With this option, I would like to be able to have them show again.
This was brought up before, but more about why the game showed up and then the individual achievements would also show up. I think the best answer is that GTN is trying to differentiate itself from other sites...but in actuality that way seems a bit more aesthetically pleasing doesn't it? I like this idea as well and I personally think that GTN's "look" is different enough from other sites to warrant this, but actually implementing it would not be my call to make.

Is there anything else that we can think of to display this? Some other way that would reduce the clutter but yet make this a dynamic that could draw people to GTN?

A gif perhaps, or a graph, a picture or a hyper link that would connect you to your achievements? Well hyperlinking is already there, but something along those lines? Perhaps Erick is just looking for different idea?
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