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Can we add the game title next to the achievement name in the recently added section of the site? Achievement with simple names like " slider " would maybe draw more attention if we knew what game it belonged to instead of forcing us to click on each achievement name.
I asked for that, Eric added the game pic under the commenters name on the left. Hover over to reveal name if you don't recognize the icon.
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08-19-2015 08:49 AM StaffPremium
I think there's enough room or it could be made to see the achievement description. Most of them, I don't know what they are by the short description.
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On an aesthetic level I didn't care for the placement of the player and game tiles. More information in the description would be helpful and couldn't hurt. They lazy gamer may also not want to hover over every tile to see what game it is. Reading the game in the description would be easier, there is more then enough room. For Example:

Fshguy posted a comment for Slider ( The Bridge ).
Fshguy posted a comment for Slider from the game The Bridge.
I can't hover over on my phone if I click it would take me to the game page, then I have to go forward and back (uugghh) something simple and easy like Marv said.

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