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I like adding my finished games to the different collections I have. With 54 different collections it is hard to keep track of which game might be in what collection. Can we have our collections also listed in the game box?


Since you will be looking over collections, this is something I would still very much would like to have to better place my games in my collections. I am now up to 65 collections. I like adding my finished games to multiple collections and I would like the ability to see what collections my games belongs to instead of going into each collection and double checking. For example, I recently finished Titanfall and I have added this game to the following collections:

Nuts & Bolts
Hardcore Gaming
Games with Logos/Symbols as their Game Pic
My Favorites

I would like to see the info in either in the side rail/bar of the game page, in the game box under each game, or when you go into the collection and see a game you could see a note that says " This game is also in collection X ".

Each time I add finished games to my collections, this comes up. I just completed Condemned 2 and want to put it into the same collection as Condemned 1. Having 65 Collections, I don't want to have to go check each/which collections Condemned 1 is part of manually. I would just really love to see what collections Condemned 1 is already a part of in a list somewhere. Be it on the Game page or in the game boxes in My Games

So any word on if we can have this added to collections? If not can we have an acknowledgement that it won't happen or it's to hard to pull off? Something...

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