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When you view a badge there's a list on the right hand side showing recently unlocked, recently added, etc.

For example on this page:

I find myself going to the list on the right and hovering over the badge image waiting for a description to pop up in a tooltip, however nothing happens.

Without looking at the code too much, I want to say that this is as "simple" as adding an alt="description" to the img tag for the badge, however it looks like there's something on the site which is preventing any tooltips from showing.
Just noticed that you have some code that makes a nice fancy tooltip for related badges - maybe that could be expanded for the other lists?
I imagine having mouse over text on those buttons would be a waste. The only two things you could put there are the name of the badge (which is already right next to it) and the description which could be lengthy.
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I imagine having mouse over text on those buttons would be a waste.
Originally Posted by Kaens
I'd use it :P

I just keep on hovering trying to see what the badge is - right now I have to go through a few clicks to see. Not a lot of work of course, but a small quality of life improvement.

If it fits in the "easy and quick" to do for the site, I don't see it taking away from anything?

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