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Right now, the quickest way I have found to add a game to a custom collection is 5-clicks per game. Maybe I am missing a quicker way, but, I have not found it.

I would suggest adding at least your last used custom collection, if not the last 2 or 3, to the "Options" drop down on the game tile.

As far as I can tell, current method is:

Click options > Click "Add to Collection" > (new page loads) > click drop down > click desired custom collection > click "Add to Collection" > games page reloads.

Rinse > Repeat

Since the last few suggestions seem to be in the direction of streamlining, I figured I would throw that one out there.
Status changed to 'Planned' - Great suggestion. This is definitely something I need to work on.
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No problem. That method just seemed overly cumbersome. Thanks.
I would like it if you could have a drop down next to each game when you view the list of your games on your Games page. You could just select from the drop down to add the game to a collection. It would be nothing more than two clicks and no page loading.

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