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Can we have a Challenges by Rarity section added to the right rail on our profile with the corresponding pages that works in a similar fashion as the Achievements by Rarity.
I only have 1 completed challenge but I like this idea. Challenges do need a bit more of a promotion on here.
Only thing I would say is it should be based on at the least 1 member obtaining the challenge.
The early challenges in some games were glitched and unobtainable others were listed on TA for a while until they were pulled (the community challenges that fell of quick) but it was still stating a lot more than were actually issued I believe they corrected that on their site.

You just have to hope for another World Cup Challenge fest or maybe a Olympic one, if they create an app for it, Brazil now had I believe 98 if not you will have a major long ass grind.
Did they stop making challenges for games?
Originally Posted by SpectreSubZero
Nope. But the games issuing challenges are extremely small and the amount offered have been falling every year since launch.
The games that you can pick from is very limited. The current games I am using for Challenges are Elder Scrolls Online and State Of Decay.

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