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I know we have a lot of staff here and are all assigned various roles and work hard to keep this site going especially for free and with their own personal lives but I have a suggestion or a team or a person to alleviate pressure on Eric and other staff members. A games team or a person in charge of games

eg. We've seen games with no pages created. I'm not sure if achievements will pull once the page is created automatically but someone could create those pages for them games such as the recent South Park issue.

eg. There are games reported with glitches which aren't on the list, online only cheevos which aren't mark online etc, but if you had a person who sat here only 24/7 who could spot these threads or research other sites and update here accordingly so people can get the glitched badge or online-only badges they deserve.

Maybe it could be developed down the line if a team, were they could ensure there's a good supply of videos, images, maybe do full reviews for games, etc to ensure all games pages going forward are full of useful information....
That would fall in line with the often suggested badge team. It is a good idea, and I hope it happens. But...

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