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In no way am I throwing myself forward for this (it's hard to do podcast with no mic) but how about a weekly GTN podcast were gaming news that week could be covered, a list of games added to site that week, what podcasters??? have been playing that week, new features added to GTN and maybe answering questions submitted through the week. It's also free advertising on a variety of podcast sites. If they were made, I would download them and play them at work haha. (Instead of a workmate playing videogame outsider podcast hehe)
Like the idea and is be down to do one but I would have no idea where to begin in set up. Plus my oc hasn't been replaced yet since the flood and I have been relying on friends computers ir public computers or my phone, so I try to keep those interactions to a minimum.
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I record my own podcast with some friends (The MAC Address Podcast at a-hem) and would be happy to help anyone get it setup and help.
I would rather see any efforts focused on actual site updates. Features, options, or upgrades to the existing website entity.

Eric already appears to be at a limit for what support he can give to the site, why add something not site related at this point?

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