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How about an official knowledge base. I've seen Major Nelson posting a lot of videos lately such as switching cortana off, how to enable background music, etc. How about an official section listed A-Z that people can search for help with their Xbox 360/Xbox One. We could then become the site people come to for Xbox One help.
Pros: I Like the idea, but it could be some work.

Cons: I don't know how much of a resource drain that would be.
Xbox already has something like that. On their forums and with their help videos.
GTN is not responsible for putting that kind of info up and if we do and something goes wrong, could we be held liable? I know we cam throw up a disclaimer, but I'm meaning more: since GTN is not officially affiliated with MS then we give information and it changes, then someone comes along and tries it and if it doesn't work then GTN takes a hit in popularity.

I'm particularly tired of trying to figure out how to do something on my Xbox and then having to go thru bad videos or instructions that are not very clear and concise. That's why if I have a question I just ask in the forums, usually you get a few answers and most of the time the right answers.
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