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I use the website quite a lot in dark environments either at work or at home at night and there are websites that i frequent that have option to toggle the background from white to a darker color.

a good example is on the front page at

If this option already exists, where is the setting found?
When will the bass drop
I always go dark theme, wish there was one here.
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I love Dark themes my entire windows 10 is in dark theme and when websites offer the option I always use it. It would be awesome to have it here.
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I've always thought it was a personal thing and now in an see others points of view. I too kind of like the dark themes.
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Yep i would use it for sure if the option was offered.
i wouldn't mind having this option either. i always prefer to switch when dark is available because light backgrounds can be so blinding at times
Sounds like a nice option to have. I'd use it.
Status changed to 'Planned' - I have always wanted to reskin the site with a dark theme. This would look pretty awesome with our current color scheme - much better than the puke-green colors we had previously.

I'll add this to the roadmap and work on a dark theme for folks to toggle on and off like in the example you provided. This option will be made available to Premium users first.
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