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Coming May 2017 - Complete rewrite to the process we use for identifying game completions. This will no longer run on an hourly schedule - it will instead run anytime achievements are synced. This will significantly lessen server load and open the door for user-defined completion settings.

• Tool for users to submit information corrections for games, achievements and DLC packs
• Game Sessions/Events hub - create and manage scheduled gaming events for boosting, competitive play and featured community events
• Updated privacy controls - easily manage who can see your profile
• Dark theme - toggle between the default light and dark theme while on the site
• New Gamercard Generator and Xbox Live Status tools
Some of that looks really awesome, I was just wanted to highlight it for people who don't read the changelog. The corrections is nice, but man my new thread count will come to a crawl. The boosting sessions could be cool, depends on participation.

For me personally, I look forward to the completion work and I love me some dark theme!
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Awesome Love all of those Smile
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This is not only a great updated but a much needed one as well. I for one can't wait and you're right Keans, good call in making this one a little more "visible".
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