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Hello all, has been ages since i have put a post on here so thought i would say hello to you all and wanted to know if anyone has played FEZ yet and what are your thoughts?

i have played for about an hour and im finding it really addictive, am loving the retro sounds and looks so much, so far im really impressed with the only 800 microsoft points tag on it.
I have not seen this one yet. I will have to check it out.
Very over-hyped game with barely any gameplay, plus the creator of the game is a douche.
Platformers are alot of fun un my opinion, Side-scrollers though, Well, Not really for me. But hey, Mario bros. was cool and stuff!
My friend was awaiting the release for a few years. And though i believe it didnt live up the hype he gave it (world first, amazing, game changer etc.) I still think its a solid game.

For the carefree gamer it has its challenges, its small bits of humour, the music.... OH the MUSIC!. And the nice retro graphics and feel to go along with the innovative 3D playstyle.

BUT for the addicted gamer it has little side puzzles, mysteries and in-depth story line that could turn any addict into a fanatic.

Overall definitely a 5 star game for its price, its only $10!

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have to check this out

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