Final Fantasy XI Servers closing March of 2016.

Final Fantasy XI

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A little bit of older news but I just found this bit of info out, I wonder how many of you had already known this too?

Looks like 13 years is the limit well for 360 and PS owners at least. This is not Free to play and it is cross servers platforms, meaning when you get on you are literally playing with people who could be playing on their PC's or their Playstations! This is a MMORP and with the ONE getting backwards compatibility then why could they not keep this game alive? That was semi rhetorical. This is a massive game and the achievement list is pretty easy just not forgiving you'll have to grind like the devil, but a determined sole can do it in about a months time, or so a close friend of mine has told me...Am I up for this challenge.. I have a code for a free 30 day trial but just the update alone could take about 8 or so hours. Anyone else maybe want to try and party up and get some achievements? I'm not as much of a completionist as some here but who knows maybe with a little help we could get it done, or at least most or half maybe some..or a anyway any Final Fantasy fans out there and if so what is your take on this?

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