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Final Fantasy XIII

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Square Enix president Yoichi Wada had already talked about Last Remnant, Star Ocean, and Infinite Undiscovery and then left the stage at the E3 Microsoft press conference, but he came back at the last minute to reveal one last surprise; the final announcement was a trailer for the release of Final Fantasy XIII on 360.
i was not expecting this, but i must say it is absolutely awesome.
I just saw that on G4's coverage and was surprised to say the least. Since I do not have a Playstation 3, I am glad to see Final Fantasy transitioning onto the 360, a console which I both own and enjoy playing. A lot of Microsoft's offerings this year seemed very promising and I am curious if Sony can match Microsoft's announcements.
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speaking of that, there are rumors of a FF VII remake being a reality, but we'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out. if not, it's terrible news for Sony, as i don't expect any other surprises could help very much.
well an FFVII remake would be good for me as i have yet to play all of it but XIII on 360 isnt that big unless you are a huge fan and havent got a ps3 yet. its good news but the 360 is more geared towards western RPGs more than Japanese ones. This news has a small impact for me as i have a ps3 anyway, i suppose id be more excited if i didnt or was an MS fanboy or something. Bad news for Sony though, another exclusive gone. Resistance and Killzone seem to be the only major things left for it at this stage. Little Big Planet and Home also count but theyve been in the making for too long to really care.
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360 has far more Japanese RPG's than anyone this gen, so saying it's only geared towards western ones isn't very accurate.
yeah but apart from Lost Od. i cant think of a successful one. I never played Blue Dragon but Enchanted Arms was quite unimpressive, only thing i liked was catching all the different things that could fight for you. Its MS' attempt to draw in more Japanese consumers as the 360 isnt doing well there compared to the wii and ps3.

What I meant to say is that the console appeals more to "western" gamers with all the action and adventure games. Sure it can have RPGs but the people who like FPS and RPGs are sometimes hard to find. I have two friends who love shooters but hate RPGs because of all the fantasy where as I like anything that entertains.
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it's not who it appeals more to, it's the the Japanese are very closed-minded, and they don't like the 360 simply because they see it as some terrible western console. besides, how well the games do does not change the fact that they are there. 360 is the newcomer, so it's only natural to expect a difficult time establishing themselves in the business.
theyve found themselves the dominant Live provider though even with the small fee. PSN is only just introducing some of the features the 360 has had since launch like achievements and the ability to acess the main ps3 menu in game. If anything its the PS3 thats having a harder time.it was only with the release of GTA and MGS that sales started to increase. Plus they keep letting exclusives go although im sure its more to do with the devs and money but still.

This will make things interesting as I'm sure some FF fans were holding out for its release on PS3 and getting the console and game then but now its on 360...we'll see its a bit early to tell.
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Now if only Little Big Planet comes to the xbox.. which I doubt *sobs* the only reason I would get a PS3.. >.>;; TT_TT
I finally get my say about this? After 8 posts? You have to be kidding me!

Anyway, I'm thrilled that it's acctually being released on the console that I own, I bought a Xbox knowing that FFXIII wasn't going to be released with it, and now that it is, I can finally laugh at those who bought a PS3 for FFXIII and missed out on the early release of Rock Band.

Anyone know if they're "rolling back" to the 'old-school' fighting system (as in Turn Based fighting) or are they still going with the system from FFXII (which I didn't like playing with much)?
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i know PS3 is having a hard time, i only meant it in the sense that MS has to do a lot to prove themselves.
That's a point. Does anyone know what the combat in XIII is going to be like? Is there any gameplay footage yet?
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I'm not surprised that SE made this decision.

I think it'd have been a big mistake to make FFXIII PS3 exclusive, since the PS3 isn't worth the money it sells for. Though, we don't even know if FFXIII is just going to be another mediocre release by SE that's full of bullshit hype, so I'm afraid I'm a bit impartial to the excitement of it being released on Xbox 360 as well.

but better multiplatforming than just releasing on PS3, though.

I read that the release times are PS3, PC, 360. So pretty much everyone gets it.
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