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Anyone for more Forza Horizon 2 news? Turn 10 has revealed Forza Rewards, a loyalty programme that thanks Forza fans with in-game content for playing Forza titles. The system tracks progress from Forza Motorsport 2 on Xbox 360 up to the latest game, with points earned for unlocking achievements and cars, miles driven and so on.

With Forza Rewards, you'll be able to add five in-game cars to your garage, depending on which of the reward tiers you fall under. Other rewards will include in-game credits to spend, with each month to offer a new reward for Forza fans.

Log in to Forza Horizon 2 and you'll receive a one-time gift with Forza Rewards, although you'll have to be at least at Rewards Tier Level 2 to unlock a free car. Here's what you get with each of the Rewards Tier Levels:

Tier Level 2 – 2011 BMW 1 Series M Coupe
Tier Level 3 – 2013 Viper GTS
Tier Level 4 – 2015 Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4
Tier Level 5 – 2014 Local Motors Rally Fighter
Tier Level 6 – 2013 McLaren P1
Tier Levels are of course cumulative, so if you've earned level 6, you'll get all five of ths bonus cars in Forza Horizon 2. You'll be able to grab Forza Horizon 2 when it launches on September 30th in North America and October 3rd in Europe. Find out what your Forza Rewards score is here.

Sweet, Tier 6 here! This game cant get here soon enough!
09-12-2014 01:35 PM StaffPremium
Sweet, Tier 6 here! This game cant get here soon enough!
Originally Posted by LordChabelo13
I'm 350 short of Tier 6... Will be nice to have a couple other cars and hopefully the promise of not having the whole "economy" screwed up like they did with Forza 5 is nice.
Have you joined the soon to be #1 leaderboard on the site? If you ever enjoyed 360voice(or even if you haven't been there), please join:
Already Tier 6 :-)

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