Looking for a few more Friends to Play and compare lap times on Forza 5

Forza Motorsport 5

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Just trying to get a few more friends to compete against online and offline in terms of track times or multi player and not have an ear full of random online screamers you find during the random multi player games. I am in my mid 30's that only play a few hours a week most of the time later at night MST.
If you need someone's drivatar to slam into you every turn friend me.
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08-15-2014 04:52 PM StaffPremium
We as well, looks like I'll be playing this game a little more in the near future... My drivatar is pretty rude though, he'll crash into you and cut you off...
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Great I will get you guys added this weekend to friends list on Xbox
I need to get back into that game, but Horizon sunk its claws into me
If you need someone's drivatar to slam into you every turn friend me.
Originally Posted by Kaens
right? what are brakes? I drive like that as well.
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I play most of the racing games and like everyone else my drivator is rude. Friend me if you like

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