Welcome to the wild world of pocketbike racing: The tiniest and most back-breaking of motorsports. Swing your leg over your Pocketbike Racer and experience the exhilaration only a knee-high motorcycle can provide.

It might look a bit ridiculous, but being this low to the ground does have its advantages. You have a lower center of gravity, so you can take those corners harder and stay stable. Also, if you fall, there's not so far to go. Best of all, your opponents are on the right level to eat your dust.

So choose your 40 pound, 14 horsepower beast, chose a character, and chose from a series of tracks with long straightaways, tight bends, and treacherous hairpins. Then sit back and enjoy the game, knowing you can always Have It Your Way®.

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by Preludecris on 03-17-2015

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  • The bleep construction zone! Am I right? Anyone who's tried to complete this game know what I'm talking about. Overall this game is fun, and if you were playing with all humans it would be even more fun. But playing against the AI is frustrating because the AI doesn't get stuck in the geometry or along a wall. These problems get worse as you go up to 150cc...

  • Don't let the easy achievement list fool you. There's a reason this game is less than a dollar at GameStop. It's absolute garbage that deserves death by fire and I would actually enjoy ripping my eyes from their sockets and setting them ablaze rather than ever play this glorified Burger King commercial again. Although to the "games" credit I did want to head over to the local Buger King and...

  • For a series of burger-themed promotional games, this was probably the most fun and easiest to complete. These games weren't designed to be full of depth. It's a simple grab a bike and race it type. There was a good variety of tracks and characters.

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