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  • Being built like a stereotypical gamer (heavy), but occasionally motivated to get off my butt, I find this to be surprisingly useful. There is a LOT of free content in here, much of it free, so if you want to try it out I highly recommend it. This is the only fitness game I've tried on the new Kinect so I could be overly impressed for no reason, but this is MUCH better...

  • I've played this many times, and played countless other fitness games. This is the best by far. I like how they put in new challenges and workouts frequently. It's also great with all the features like calorie burning, heart rate, etc. Definitely worth your time!

  • This is a great game for working out... It does track you well and will help with your form. It's even half decent at reading you on the floor which is usually a problem. You may need to calibrate your Kinect though. There are still several workouts that are free so you can try it out... I've used this "game" to get a lot of challenges as well... They've been...

  • Есть 1 баг периодически возникающий. Порой кинект начинает плохо распознавать и засчитывать упражнения, хотя выполняю идеально. Помогает перезапуск игры. В остальном нет нареканий. Отличное приложение. Ачивменты, фитпоинты. Все это прекрасно мотивирует добиваться лучших результатов.