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  • I haven't played any other rainbow six game until the first release and this game really stepped up the graphics and the Ranking system. I loved every part of this game. Terrorist Hunt was fun and amazing. Co-op lets you play with a fried in the story which is needed for Realistic Difficulty. They had nice sized multplayer maps which I liked. Definitely A fun...

  • November 2006 saw two of the greatest 360 titles. Gears of War and Rainbow Six: Vegas. Less than two years on we see a sequel to Vegas. Not much has changed. To start with the good Vegas 2 lets you create your own character which can evolve on and offline in an RPG style fashion. You gain XP for killing enemies but you also earn ACES for thinking tactically. For example headshots get marksman...

  • Never played any of the tom Clancy's Rainbow games. So this is the first and loved it. I'm playing on playing the other tom Clancy's Rainbow Six games has well.