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  • Alright, this game was pretty fun. All you do is run around and wreck the towns. You can ram just about anything on the game. I know that almost all of the achievements were pretty easy to complete, except the stupid "The Flapmaster" achievement. I played that game for hours trying to complete the game. I finally hit it last night and i am so happy that i can put that...

  • Would play 360 version too but that flappy goat achievement is a pain but all around fun game. Cant wait for the next one to release. Xxxtxyxlxexrxxx

  • Goat Simulator... you simulate being a goat?? WTF? Don't let the name and basic premise of this game fool you, Goat Simulator is a wild ride with unlockable in game mods, gloriously fun glitches, and a variety of levels and game functions. The sheer shenanigans possible make this game a blast to play. The only negative, for achievement hunters at least, is the...