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  • Minecraft is one of the most brilliant games I've ever played. A very simple game that will bring the creative kid inside you out to play. A lego like game with one objective in mind, survive another day. Create tools, mine resources, plant resources to fulfill your hunger, build structures for shelter and creating unbelievable things that you would not expect to...

  • A great game that my son have played together for years. We are eagerly awaiting the Xbox One release of Minecraft so we can work on those achievements and build bigger and better worlds. You can explore, dig and build for hours. Tons of fun for the whole family!

  • My (then) 7 year old accidentally started Minecraft on my login and popped a few achievements. It was his game and I'd never had interest in the game but being the completionist with achievements I jumped in. Now we enjoy mining together and I just wrapped up my 1000GS :) it's a fun calm game for all ages.

  • prolly the best arcade ive played i have well over 2000 hours played great game for the kids if u dont want them playing anything violent check it out if u havent yet

  • Minecraft is a Good Game Don’t Get Me Wrong, But This Version Is Not Getting Updated Any More And it’s Dumb Because I Get it Not a Lot Of Players But I Spent 20$ on the game but I still play it sometimes and I don’t hate it.