Fable: Coin Golf draws upon the wealth of traditional British pub games like Shove Ha’Penny, Bar Billiards, and Skittles, then combines them with elements from very popular modern puzzle games to create a challenging skill-based game that is entirely in keeping with the Fable pub game universe.

Played from an overhead perspective, your quest is to rid the land of evil and conquer each area by getting your Hero Puck into the Pillar of Light in as few shots as possible.

Obstacles, hazards and pickups litter the way challenging you to think carefully about the route that you take. Take as few shots as possible, thereby earning large bonuses that affect the area score. Scores can also be increased by performing various feats around the table. Gold earned from these areas can be transferred to your Fable III game on Xbox 360 or PC.

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  • Fable: Coin Golf is a straight forward slider game, much like Shuffle Party, for the WP7 platform. You are given a variety of levels you have to slide a coin through, while avoiding obstacles and obtaining collectibles. How hard you tap the coin determines how far it will slide. Easy, right? Well, it is. For the most part, there's nothing very hard, with only a few levels that...

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