The game is Sneak King, and the object is surprise. Now's your chance to step into the royal shoes of the King himself as you silently unleash hot sandwiches on the hungry citizens of this famished world. All of your covert gaming skills will be put to the test as you take on the role of the slickest sneaker on the planet: The Sneak King.

There's an art to sneaking up on someone and surprising them with a hot, delicious sandwich. You might not know that, but it's true. The average person might just knock on a door with sandwich in hand and yell "Surprise!" but something would be missing from the experience. That something is drama, mystery, finesse. And the King has it all in spades.

Here's your chance to learn the King's magic. Step into his royals hose and learn the cunning stealth that elevates his surreptitious sandwich surprises to an art form. Sneak down alleys, roads, and sidewalks. Surprise unsuspecting burger lovers from inside barrels, pipes, and treehouses. The more you sneak, the more you will gain an appreciation for the methods of the true Sneak King.

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  • The commercials of the King were creepy to begin with. The game loads up with the King in a darkly lit driveway like he is going to be doing some peeping (and he will), making the game just as creepy as the character appeared to be on TV. The objective of the game is to sneak up on people with your " Majestic Calves " and deliver Burger King food to the hungry masses. You need to do...

  • There's nothing fun about this game, except the fun of giving GameStop 50 cents for one of the worst games on Xbox 360. If you truly feel compelled to play a product placement game, play Doritos Crash Course or Harm's Way. They're actually decent games with easier achievements and better yet, they're free.

  • BK Games released 3 games: Big Bumpin'; Pocket Bike Racer; and Sneak King. Of these three, Sneak King is the only one that got old quickly. Frankly, this game seems more like "How to be a creepy stalker" than a game. You spend most of the game hiding from view so that you can pop out and surprise people with Burger King foods... Just what everybody wants, a stranger to follow...

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