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Hello everyone as you all know a few days ago THQ is officially DEAD all the assets where sold just wanted to make a place where people can talk about it. Anything like your fav THQ game's or you can take about there current games that are out of the games you plan to buy that got baught up by other company's.

The one thing i am glad is that Metro: last light is not Dead.
I'm only concerned about Darksiders, and it's not looking good for them right now. Even if a different developer ends up with the rights, they may not do a very good job.
im just glad saints row was picked up by violation
hope all the video games baught up at auction turn out to be good
im just glad saints row was picked up by violation
Originally Posted by chunky meconium
Actually it was picked up by Deep Silver(new publisher), The developer has always been Volition, Inc.
with the exception of Sega, I think most properties will benefit from an upgraded publisher. Most notably for me is what Crytek will do with Homefront. I hope they release the other half of the game I purchased before a direct sequel. That 4 hour campaign is total BS!

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