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New badge name

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× 4 (22.22%) Turtle Power

× 11 (61.11%) Cowabunga

× 3 (16.67%) Shredder

  • Added 08-21-2013 10:46 AM
  • 18 votes
There are 3 names for the turtles badge and I want everyone else to help whittle them down to one. You have one week to cast your vote on the one you like most
GTN Xbox One 30 Day Launch competition SIGN UP & LEADERBOARD

Achievement Competition SIGN UP& LEADERBOARD

Monthly Challenge CHALLENGE SIGN UP

Nice that didnt take long to get a poll up ! Smile
Quick on the keyboard and I've made several polls on here already so I know what I'm doing. Telling people to vote on here now.
I think this poll has had more votes than any other poll on GTN ever. There seems to be a clear leader at the moment but with 6 and a half days left of voting anything can happen.
lol. Its good to see the community participating though

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