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I've just picked up and started playing Crysis 2. Does anyone want to join me in some multiplayer? I'm online usually after 9 pm GMT.
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Doh, I finished all the Mp a few months back or I would help out. If you cannot find anyone though I dont care to come in from time to time though.
I have it and could help you but the time difference could be a problem, unless we did it on the weekend or something. send me a FR on live
Yeah sure, I've got pretty much all achieves to do on multiplayer. Won't be doing any for about a week, trying to get some Dawn of War 2 coop done with my bro before his GF returns. Then I'm all up for some Crysis 2, great game.
Thanks guys. Will hit you all up on xbl. The weekend would be best for me too
I have this game feel free to send me a game invite if i am online would love to get the onlone stuff done.
After this week, I'll be pretty much free to play when ever, so time zone won't be to much of a problem.
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