Next Gen now or later

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Next gen now or later

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× 20 (47.62%) I want it now

× 16 (38.10%) I can wait

× 17 (40.48%) I'll be using both

× 1 (2.38%) I'll leave them both

  • Added 08-27-2013 05:05 PM
  • 42 votes
  • Multiple choice enabled
I just want to see how many people are going to get a next gen console as soon as possible, who is wait and who isn't doing either.
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I will get it at launch but ill still use the 360 alot. Battlefield4 Im going to get on both consoles and Forza 5 is the only other game i want at launch. Most of the games I want are 2014 releases
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I will be getting mine on launch but i will still be playing my 360. hoping that 360 online achievements will be easy to boost when most people go over to XONE.

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