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Favourite genre

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× 33 (47.14%) Shooter

× 31 (44.29%) RPG

× 8 (11.43%) Puzzle

× 10 (14.29%) Racing

× 6 (8.57%) Card & Board

× 8 (11.43%) Music & Dance

× 24 (34.29%) Action

× 21 (30.00%) Adventure

× 13 (18.57%) Platformer

× 5 (7.14%) Sports

  • Added 08-29-2013 01:28 PM
  • 70 votes
  • Multiple choice enabled
A poll just to find out what genre is the peoples favourite
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Music games such as Guitar Hero and Rock Band closely followed by (J)RPGs
Absolutely enjoy RPGs however i rarely get to complete them.
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I prefer Sandbox open-world games and Sports games. So yeah, GTAV and FIFA 14 are high on my wish list.
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Rpgs and sandbox games probably my favorites but I really like racing and shooters too, just depends on my mood. or what competition im in at the time(which usually has me playing some crap just for the achievements)
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definately gta5 ill be playing the mess out of that game
RPG's and Sports mostly. I love my Skyrim and Fallout. Plus I like my football and Hockey as well!
Shooter, Action-Adventure, Racing, Platformers, RPGs, and Open-world games are my favourite genres.
Yeah, I'm going with Action-Adventure style. Assassin's Creed, Deus Ex, etc.
disnt see the rpg choice oh well lol

games like gta, skyrim fallout etc
Though I said shooter, I enjoy them all immensely, except sports...(shuddering)....
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I'm pretty evenly split between shooters & action/adventure games...
I will play just about anything for gamerscore. I do actually like the kiddie games since they are relaxed, but shooters have to be my main genre since "kiddie" isn't an option.

Plants v Zombies Garden Warfare is definitely the best shooter out there right now... or maybe that's for me since it combines my 2 favorites haha

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