most anticipated this fall

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most anticipated game this fall

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× 7 (63.64%) gta 5

× 4 (36.36%) assassin creed 4

  • Added 09-01-2013 02:05 PM
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assassins creed 4 black flag gta 5
get-r-done payback is a mother
Got to be GTA V for me
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I've never understood all the hype for GTA, it's a good game don't get me wrong, but is it really as good as everyone makes it out to be?
That's generally the claim for every new game. However vice city Is still my favorite
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vice city awesome but i like flying the airplanes n owning n airfield is just nuts
I could care less but I just got another badge thank you!
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I like the Assassin's Creed series better. Mainly for (and yes I know I am a minority here) the in depth story they present in each game.
At least Rockstar Games put a ton of production into the game, which you can end up playing ofr an endless amount of hours. Aka Best Bang for your Buck.
well marv u wanna do some co op the 17th in gta 5?
Not particularly bothered about either and will be waiting on reviews before buying. I do enjoy the assassin's creed series but I feel like it has been dragged out somewhat so I will be in no rush to get Black Flag. Although GTA V does look really good from the trailers, I was so underwhelmed by GTA 4 that I don't have any huge desire to pick that up until I know it won't be as much of a disappointment.
gta 5 will be the best ever made
Originally Posted by chunky meconium
Agreed. GTA V all the way. I still need to preorder it too!
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GTA 5 easy
Originally Posted by Milky Meconium
u n i buddy co op all day the 17th if it has co op
get-r-done payback is a mother

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