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IGN: Blizzard Teases Mysterious Artwork

It appears that the people at Blizzard have something new for us. They just won't tell us what. But due to the fact that Warcraft and Starcraft, Diablo are what they are known for and SC2 is in the making, and WoW expansions are already on the market we can gamble a wild guess at Diablo. Not that I have much knowledge of the games mentioned as I haven't played them in years (except WoW).

What do you think? Is there actually something new or are they just getting us hyped for the new WoW pack? Or new SC2 details? Or even worse....is there going to be another "World of....."?
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Some people might say another World of would be even better, rather than worse, mate.

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Actually if you look around people are more interested in Diablo 3 (always comes up) and Starcraft. Warcraft only gets attention when new expansions are mentioned or when someone asks if its worth the money. Mainly because these games have single and MP and the MP is free.

Looking even more people still seem to think it's something to do with Diablo 3 or a release date for SC2. One guy said a WC/Diablo crossover. Another says a beta for the Lich King expansion. My guesses go with something Starcraft of WoW related. I don't see why they would choose an icefield to announce Diablo but i could be wrong.

whats even more annoying is that i really want to know whats behind it all....and i dont care what it is!
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It's probably something to do with WOtlK ("Wrath of the Lich King" for the uneducated).

The expansion (it's an expansion, not a game) is set in Northrend, which is a FROZEN LANDSCAPE.

Of course they'll be ice there, that's just common sense.
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Well its certainly the most logical out of all the rumours but i'd really like to see something new...
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i believe they said it was a new, unannounced game. this means Diablo 3 is even more likely.
Blizzard Entertainment

heres what it looks like now. its either SC or Diablo in my view.

The most annoying thing about all this is that i feel the chains of WoW pulling again.
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I 'eard from PC Gamer that it's something to do with Diablo 3...

Hopefully they'll tell us soon.

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This should open some interesting discussion, although it's just guess work.
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Hywel "The Archanist" Griffiths
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we'll find out tomorrow when blizzard make announcements
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I certainly hope it's better than diablo 2... what a disappointment...

Diablo (original) was genius though...

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never got into it really. although back then point and click rpgs didnt appeal.
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ok, the ice has gone and "Diablo III" has taken its place. It's official and now every Blizzard fan probably has a raging erection and is already plotting their calendar for before, during and after release.

Diablo III

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Watching the Gameplay trailer now, when I saw him kill those zombies with that wall, and jump down a ladder, I was like "omfg, this is awesome"
Hywel "The Archanist" Griffiths
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