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They really annoy the crap out of me compared to past counterparts of the series. The pokemon's designs in D/P don't seem to be that great either. I seriously wish there was a whack-a-bidoof/bibrael minigame in D/P. Those things look so retarded D :

at least Zigzagoon and Linoone could learn surf. D'=

But lately as I've been playing, what really seems to get me is HMs. You need them everywhere that you go. I thought it was pretty annoying that I had to litter my team with two useless pokemon that were only in the party for their HM moves on the way to the pokemon league, through Victory Road.

It just really takes the piss. >=[
Yeah... But I suppose that makes travelling more tactical... Anyway, in the old games, I used to carry three good pokemon, and one "in training" one. that was the MOST I needed. The rest were there simple for HMs.

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