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Like it or not, we're all accustomed to playing certain video game genres. So what are your favorite game genres? I'll tell you what I think of each of them later on. Let's hear from y'all first. Smile

Shooters? Sports? Arcade? RPGs?
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I enjoy MANY types of games... but if I had to choose one game type I will always go back to, it'd be RPG. Games like Final Fantasy (As some of you know), got me into RPG's and I love em to death! Things like The Elder Scrolls, The Witcher, NeverWinter Nights, and of course, the more Modern Hybrids of RPG/Shooter, Mass Effect!

I recently got my hands on Crisis Core. What an AMAZING Game. Games like shooters and FPS get me excited, but only RPGs or Horror Games can fill me with such anticipation before I play them, and remove me from normal life for days on end.

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I really can't generalize to one genre, it depends on the game itself. If I had to choose which games I play most frequently, it'd definitely be FPS games, if only because the constantly addictive online modes.
games with guns. so mostly fps or adventure. i do enjoy a "western" rpg from time to time though like oblivion. Then some horror.

I'm looking forward to playing Battlefield 2/2142 and Crysis very soon. And I have NW2 stashed somewhere. oohhh and counter strike. Might even check out Guild Wars as its free.

but on the whole i like action and if it comes with a great story then all the better.
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You never can go wrong with Rhythm games, be it Dancing Stage or Guitar Hero, but I'm also partial to a good Eff Pee Ess, Counter-Strike, Team Fortress 2, COD 4, the like.

Arr Pee Gees don't got down badly ether, I'm not going to slag off Lost Odyssey (although I am going to say that I'm no-where near to completing that game) because the story, the thing that makes most Arr Pee Gees work, is extremely well-done, but, alas, not as brilliant as Final Fantasy 7's.
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I might get TF2 for PC or the Orange Box if its at a reasonable price. I'd like to finally play HL2 on a PC.
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Get TF2 and play it with me, I'll show you a fun game while I take the head off of everyone around me.

I'm a sniper yet I get Medics healing me because the Assist scores they get from my kills are immense. (Definitely not bragging at-all.)
Hywel "The Archanist" Griffiths
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Xbox or PC? i tried once on live and found that the health system was annoying and there was too much lag and hardly any maps. Although that was during my Vegas phase where i craved realism. Might get it but not sure. At least on PC i can get it on its own.
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