Super Smash Brothers: Brawl. Let's do some handshaking

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Hail my fellow brawlers. I challenge anyone to a lovely game Smash Brothers Brawl. Just post your friend codes and hopefully sometime we can duke it out. If you post your code, I will be updating it to my post so you don't have to be searching the whole thread.

Super Smash Brothers Friend Codes
Mike - 2707-1331-5306

Let the Games Begin
If you seriously want to get your butt whooped TRY AND FACE ME! i rocks with link and PT. xD
You were suppose to post your friend code so you could eat my cock-meat sandwich
Women Drivers, no survivors.
I wish I had a Wii of my own, but perhaps we can play in August when I move back in with my roommate with the Wii.

I will own you with King Dedede.
I totally need to buy this game. I borrowed it yesterday from my neighbors just to play with against my buddies...but it seemed pretty decent. Better than Mario Kart Wii, I feel.

It would be rad having a bunch of us in one brawl.

Probably not going to get it until I get back from my trip, though.

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