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After coming up with the retro cheat badges I became a bit nostalgic and would like to here some of our members fondest memories of their gaming lives.

What with me being born at the start of the 8-bit era of game consoles I can safely say that I was brought up with them. My first console was a master system II when I was 4 years old and can fondly remember many days and nights turning on the console after inserting a cartridge and playing away. I also remember the first time I found Alex the Kidd by accident and was bouncing round the room as I found a free game.

I remember the many nights I would stay over my aunties house purely to play her Nes and would spend ages playing Gremlins 2.

I remember my Dad had an Amiga system and 1 game I loved on there in particular was James Pond.

After 22 years now of playing games consoles I can quite easily say that I am an experienced gamer.

Many years have passed since those days and many consoles have come and gone. Many have been tossed away as each new console came out and technology got better, never to see the light of day again. These are the starting roots for our Xbox and PS3 console, Our PC, Mac, Laptops and Touch pads and should be remembered so let's not forget these consoles and the moments we had with them.
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I would love to write a long post about this, this site should have blogs and maybe I would. Based on your example, it looks like we don't mean actual in game moments, so here's my quick list off the top of my head...
  • Getting Pong from thrift store
  • Going across the street to play Atari @ Charlie's house
  • Playing Mario for first time @ cousin's house
  • Playing endless hours of Poker on my Intellivision
  • Shopping @ Toy's R Us discount bin for $4 copies of Intellivision games. I loved the wall of tickets they used to have.
  • Holding N64 controller and playing Mario 64 at Toys R Us kiosk
  • Camping out for 360 with my son
Playing command keen on the PC
Playing prince of Persia for the first time
The day Wolfenstain came out for the PC
Playing Mario 64 for the first time
Playing golden eye 007 for n64 at best buy on their 1000" screen for the whole store to watch
Playing command and conquer Tiberian sun on the PC the day of release
Spending my 4 years of college playing mech warrior 4 (am I dating myself?)
Unlocking my first achievement on the 360 (hexic HD) and saying wtf was that?

There are many many more memorable moments

I really miss the old packaging for n64 and PC games...the box art, the smell of the packaging/cartridge, the great booklet they use to give with games...
I love this thread Big Grin

My most fondest it playing PTO with my then brother-in-law during lunch breaks as a preteen. I was a shop help for my dads auto shop and he worked there. We would hit McDonald's for a #4 (2 cheeseburgers) and go to his house to continue our PTO grind. We did this for about 4 summers, and spent a few hours on weekends. That and Bulders Gate.

I too miss the game tags from Toys R Us. I'd forgotten that

Inputting the code in the game guide for Wonder Boy 3 gave access to all locations, huge life, lirsa money, and made the game finally beatable for my young hands.

Going on a special trip with my parents to buy a church suit and walking out with a brand new GameBoy with Tetris and Baseball. Not too long after i got Zelda: Links Awakening, and played that game til the cartridge broke. I still have, and still play it occasionally.

Getting the holy glasses and getting the 2nd upside-down castle to appear in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, after playing it for years not knowing. Thanks Prima!

Timesplitters marathons...

Goldeneye at band camp, stayed up all night on that one, eventually dying my hair and getting my first tattoo, since removed. And, losing my boyish innocence that night...

SOCOM and getting to talk to AI in a dark basement apartment with 2" of snow outside.

The first time playing Sonic on Genesis. Whoa. Also, playing NHL 95 without goalies and getting basketball scores for games.

Madden '98 on my PSOne creating a super cardinals team with a maxed out Garrison Hearst and winning 10 superbowls in a row wih them, lead by yours truly, the greatest quarterback who never played. I think i averaged about 100 touchdowns for each season. At least.

Never forget our roots!
Shopping @ Toy's R Us discount bin for $4 copies of Intellivision games. I loved the wall of tickets they used to have.
Originally Posted by Kaens
The wall of tickets, wow that just sprang a memory, but for me it was C64 games.
You all remember Wayne Gretzky 3d hockey for the 64?

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