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Xfire - Gaming Simplified

This is like an XBL/MSN for PC users. As you can see i have a sig of it which will look more impressive during the next couple of weeks when i start to play more PC.

Anyway if anyone here is a PC gamer, has Xfire or is willing to get it so we can add each other and play the odd match of a game let me know!...You'll have to teach me how the PC versions of games work though as i suck Roll Eyes (Sarcastic)

I must admit all I have as of now are:

Counter strike: CZ
World of Warcraft (Eonar, EU)

Soon to have/install

CS: Source (if i can remember my Steam account stuff once my laptop is up and running)
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I've had Xfire for a while, I've just not used it at all.

I might have to get it again, it's really useful for setting up games of CS and seeing what realms of MMO's your friends are playing on.

Add "thearchanist" anyway if thou wants to.
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i will in the next few days. i dont find its game logging accurate though...i was on WoW for 2 hours yesterday...maybe i forgot to input my passwordDisappointed one of the first things im gonna do is make sure it starts up automatically or ill just forget it.

its cool though how theyve added a feature with screens and vids that automatically go to your profile.
England is my city

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