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Here's a thread for everyone to congratulate our winners if you didn't get the chance to do it before. Kind of like GTN's Hall of Fame.

July 2013: Ikmyer
August 2013: Gameoverviper
September 2013: Mattism
October 2013: Capn Doug x360a
November 2013: Capn Doug x360a
Xbox 1 competition: Kaens
August 2014 - QuiCkz Ninja

If you would like to join these members and bask in glory then you better get on over to the competition and sign up. The link can be found below.

If your not in it, you can't win it
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GTN Xbox One 30 Day Launch competition SIGN UP & LEADERBOARD

Achievement Competition SIGN UP& LEADERBOARD

Monthly Challenge CHALLENGE SIGN UP


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