Goddamn it WoW!! You do this to me again?!?

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EU players can now sign up for the WOTLK beta, probably for high levels only...
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if i was lvl 70...and had the US version.

you sure have loads of kills...and a hilarious guild name.
England is my city
patch came today with new features...not really sure why they did this. They added a few changes to the interface and the sign in screen is now the wrath of the lich king sign in screen. While thats all very pretty i havent been able to sign in as the patch has buggered the game. or at least the server im on. although the new features are nice i dont see why it was so important seeing as the new expansion is only weeks away and there isnt a single wow player that hasnt heard of it.
England is my city
Billy, they patched the game so that people who aren't getting WoTLK will still get the additional non-game content, like new talent trees, skills and interface updates.

They did the same thing back when TBC came out, but that was before you where playing WoW I guess.
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i only played after the BC came out. theres a slight graphical update as well to go with the expansion. the new inscription skill is quite good. you can sell the items for it at the AH and rip people off who dont know what theyre doing. good times.
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I want to play wrath so bad right now. The lore is 10x better than TBC.

...TBC sucked in general anyways
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me too. im going to sound like every other wow fan and their dog but i really want to be a death knight and run around a pvp server/realm.
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The game is terribly boring at the minute due to absolute lack of content. I think pretty much everyone on my server at the minute has the same Valorous 25 man raiding gear. Stick Out Tongue

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^ my character.
Well Ive only really just broken into the Burning Crusade, Lvl 64 right now. I'm hoping that by the time i reach 80 that blizzard will have made new pvp gear for lvl80 because the 70 gear looks awesome. or at least the gear for my rogue does.
England is my city

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