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picked it up again a couple of days ago to see what the new patch was like. forgot how fun it was and am looking forward to the new expansion. the sniper rifle also became my best friend. i normally get into the action but this is probably the one game ive played where sniping is actually fun too.

anyone else played it?only thing i find annoying that its impossible to get in on one of the huge matches. most of the time its 16max couple of times 24.
Really? What are the other rare games you liked sniping in, mate?
thats the only one really cos the maps are big enough for me to get a nice vantage point. a tank and a jeep tried to ambush me at the same time so i called an airstrike on the tank and the jeep fled n fear bwahahahahaha. i tried in COD4 but the urge to sneak up behind the other snipersand knife them is too powerful....
Nice one... although, I have to say we butchered moley when we had that extreme sniping thing on blood gulch back in the day when you all thought Halo was remotely respectable...
well blood gulcj is a big map for only 3 people
well blood gulcj is a big map for only 3 people
Originally Posted by Blank Planet
What we need are maps like Farcry, only with more military Gameplay, so you have a choice to either go at it in a base, or go epic in a Jungle...

Even then, I mean really huge maps, with kill limits of around 10 at most that last for ages, with team movements and tactics between friends coming into play... Think of blood gulch, but replace the field in the middle with a dense jungle, while making the bases at either end larger (or replacing them with small villages), and the whole level overall larger, around double the size.

I could play in that level forever... The amount of skill required would be immense, even without implementing GEOMOD... which would make it a fully destructive jungle playground... It would be perfect, with attack and defence being perfectly choreographed with your teammates... damn... it would be perfect for 4 to eight players... any more, and the suspense is gone.
Hopefully FC2 will have a map editor on consoles like the first one i made an awesome map for it...

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