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I was just added to the Project Spark beta this week. I played for about half an hour tonight doing the first tutorial, and I have to say it's pretty amazing. They have taken visual programming to a whole other level. I feel with the addition of some user generated art, we can see some great games from the platform, on par with what I'm seeing come from Unity game engine.

I also would like to note that "Max: The Curse of Brotherhood" is a Unity powered game and looks amazing. Makes me very excited to see what comes out of [email protected] and, now, Project Spark.

Have any of you been invited into the Project Spark beta? If so, please share your own experience with it.
I applied for the Project Spark beta but have yet to hear back from it as of yet.
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Project Spark is a cross-platform (Windows 8, Phone, Xbox One, 360(?)) visual programming language. It's an application to create your own games within the ecosystem. It does it in a very smart way, and they have a LOT of stuff in there. There are a lot of developer videos about it that I think would do a better job showing what it is than I can describe:
i wish i had an x1 to play this
get-r-done payback is a mother
It's currently only for Windows 8.1 right now, but Polygon published an article about it becoming available in Beta for Xbox One in February, with those in the Beta for Windows also being able to utilize it on Xbox. It is really cool and pretty intuitive.
i read somewhere that was gonna be on the win8 tablet also if this is the case can u use smartglass on it?
get-r-done payback is a mother
Yes, it is currently a Windows Store app, but the beta only applies to x86/x64 architectures. It will have an RT version, as well upon release. I'm not sure how Smartglass will integrate into the Xbox One app, but I will let you know when they release it next month.

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