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I will be giving away a XBL, Steam or PSN online code your pick, when I reach 100+ followers. I will use Google Chrome Twitch Giveaway Plugin And stream live for winner. Only Followers are eligible.

That is my post on my channel, thought I would post it here at GTN as well Smile

Link for our sig-less friends Wink
Last edited 03-25-2014 at 02:30 AM by GamingTech84.
The channel link is in his signature.
Hey everyone, I edited my first post to reflect the date removal. I will do the giveaway soon as I hit 50 followers. Life schedule of being an adult fluctuates my streams, so I didn't get on as soon as I thought today. It's just better for everyone without a dead line.

futiles... Sorry there wasn't a link in the post, I figured the link in my signature that's in every single post and reply I do would be enough. I figured wrong and will provide a link in future post.

Thanks Everyone!!!
The channel link is in his signature.
Originally Posted by Johndg
I have sigs turned off. They are a waste of space and make forums unreadable.
I updated post with link, all is well now.
Thanks futiles!!!!.. Appreciate your support!!
I think I'll hope in this
"Not Much Of A Weird Dude At All"

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