What game do you want most in April 2014?

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What game do you want most in April 2014?

(You may not vote on this poll)

× 0 (0%) MLB 14 The Show

× 1 (6.25%) The Elder Scrolls Online

× 6 (37.50%) LEGO The Hobbit

× 1 (6.25%) Kinect Sports Rivals

× 2 (12.50%) Trials Fusion

× 0 (0%) 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

× 0 (0%) The Amazing Spider-Man 2

× 6 (37.50%) I don't want any of these/other

  • Added 04-01-2014 09:07 AM
  • 16 votes
I'm not sure if this month has a strong 'obvious' contender. If I had to give it to something it might be LEGO Hobbit, Elder Scrolls Online, or Trials Fusion, although you can never rule out the spider-man games even though they aren't always the best. We finally get Kinect Sports this month(assuming no last minute delay) so I am curious if it will work as MS has said it will.

My decision for this month is easy, the only thing I care about on it is LEGO Hobbit, unlike last month where I ended up getting 3 of them.
I'm going to be completely honest, non of these games truly intrigue me. I'm not saying they are bad, but I don't plan on buying any of them anytime soon.

Oh man! All the orange soda spilled out of my cereal.
Same here, nothing I an dying to ply or run our and pick up. IF you had put Titanfall fo the 360 on there since it's was pushed back to the 8th. I would have picked that :P
The problem with putting in Titanfall 360 is that the only reason Titanfall won March is because the people with 360 only voted on that poll(before they showed up South park was dominating it). With this poll series I am basically going on the trend that people are in a position to buy one game a month. If the game they wanted got delayed that money would have been spent in the original month so they still have a game they can buy this month(basically they saved it until this month so they didn't get anything last month). Titanfall could get delayed again which could cause it to win 3 months in a row. I could start declaring platform in the poll but that wouldn't have helped in this case since the March poll was still created when Titanfall was releasing in March.

This is why I added a none of these option. This is the way April was supposed to be if they didn't push Titanfall several weeks. Looking at it they might have delayed purely because there is no competition in April so why release in March with the XB1 Titanfall, South park, D3 expansion, and Infamous when you can launch the 360 version which many more people can buy in a dead month?

Right now if I leave out portable systems I could literally only have 3 games for May so we are in a deadzone. Watch dogs will probably run away with May if I have to guess since I don't think Wolfenstien can compete with it. Can you limit the multiple selection polls to only selecting 2? If so if this happens again I could just do multi-select with only 2 selectable so people could still pick the previous months delayed game as well as a new one.

The only other way I can think of is to have the poll be nomination based(so if something keeps getting delayed it is up to others to nominate it) and I create a nomination thread at the same time as that months poll for what games will be in next month's. This system however requires participation or it will fall apart. If people want to do nominations I am happy to go to that, it would save me from even having to think about the games for each month(well..if I see something that is hyped and we only have a few nominations I might add it). If a multitude of replies say they would like nominations expect to see that to appear shortly afterwords. Sorry for long post(I can be wordy).
I chose LEGO because The Elder Scolls is PC the Xbox version comes out in July....sad panda...
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None of these are really too appealing. It'll be interesting to see some of these polls in the fall when the Xbox One really starts pushing out competing quality games.
Yes, the fall will be interesting. Not knowing if there is a cap on the number of poll items I am curious if I will run into one if it exists.

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