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How do you play a majority of your current video games?

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× 19 (31.67%) By buying them new

× 33 (55.00%) By buying them used

× 8 (13.33%) By renting them

× 0 (0%) I don't play video games

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  • 60 votes
Studies show that renting games may in fact harm the sale of video games. Buying used games have also shown a large increase of sales which do not return any profit back to the developer or publisher of the game. With the price of next generation gaming being at where it is today, which option to go turn to?

I, for one, choose to rent most of my video games. With games on the 360 running up to $60.00 each, I can't help but make sure that I make the right decision. There are exceptions, like Rock Band and Grand Theft Auto IV, where I immediately buy without renting. If I like the game after renting it, I'll choose to buy the game used. I'm in the stage of life where I'm trying to live on a tight budget so my money isn't always there to spend on new games.

For older generations, I typically purchased new. The cheaper price tag and a disposable income helped that cause.

What's your take, amigos?
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Yes... I much prefer new purchases, however... I see the merit behind preowned games... I usually dont have the money for New ones... when I get my job I will, but until I finish Uni... I wont...
i buy them just so i know its mine, mostly new as i get them soon after release. however with older games ill search pre owned
Rental and Used games. If it's an upcoming release and I really want it, then I buy it new. But yeah, I getcha. They sell stuff way too expensively to buy it instead of being more set towards renting it. I think I would have cried and punched five holes in my wall if I'd have payed 50 dollars for Dirge of Cerberus and it's crappy character design. On top of that, you can beat it in one day. That's just sad for $50.

I have a habit of picking out games based on interesting design or appeal to games previously made by a company, so I'm quite thankful for rental. But having to buy a game that costs a lot of money... it's just out of the question. I think I'd give up gaming completely if I couldn't buy used games or rent them.
Thats nothing, when converted, DoC cost around 60 bucks in the UK..

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Thats nothing, when converted, DoC cost around 60 bucks in the UK..
Originally Posted by Killak
lol, so it costs more in UK than in US? That's just downright shameful. D:<
new games on 360 are £40 or less but on ps3 £40-45
So basically, you're paying up to 90 dollars mate.. lol

Not much of a good deal... however, we earn in pounds, so its all good.

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Actually, I work for a game store in the northern Dallas area that sells used and new games... We actually carry games from way back in the Atari 2600 era all the way to next gen games. The store's name is CGX, for those of you in the area who are interested in checking us out.
I'm in the northern Dallas area as well and.. is your place by any chance in the Stonebriar Mall? There was some gaming store that old retro systems and I couldn't remember the name.

I've had a little experience with game retailers too. I was working at a GameStop in the Carrollton area. I hope you have had a better experience at CGX though, because GameStop was lame.
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We do have a location in the Stonebriar Mall, but we also have one in the Irving Mall, Collin Creek Mall, and Valley View Mall.
I think I have entered your store before. It was pretty cool seeing the classic games, and me going "I can't believe i played this game." I even saw R.O.B there which was awesome. It's a good classic gaming store, but it cannot beat this family-owned one I saw in lewisville. They blew them out of the water on classic games (no offense).
Hey now, we're evergrowing.... nice thing about us small shops is our inventory is ever-changing. We get all kinds of stuff on trade in.
Hey now, we're evergrowing.... nice thing about us small shops is our inventory is ever-changing. We get all kinds of stuff on trade in.
Originally Posted by Brian

Exactly. Do you ever drop your jaw on the random items people bring in?
Every now and then... Sometimes I get the urge to slap someone for trading in uber rare shit. Like... Suikoden 2 or Persona 1 or 2......
Majority of my games are obtained by renting them (GameFly or the Achievement Hounds Viral Games). I do buy a lot of used games, but mostly from other people and not stores (or trade games). I rarely buy a new game at the sticker price. I think the last 3 I did that with were Call of Duty Black Ops, Resistance 3 and Gears of War: Judgment.

... I think it's pretty easy to see I have been disappointed with my purchases.
If it is a game that I am actively looking for I will get it new, but I like to go into stores that sell used games and have a look at what they have on offer.
I but 5-6 new AAA titles a year for myself, I end up getting more because I have two boys who ask for stuff from Best Buy and I use the rewards to get free games or at least some money off a few. And for the last couple of years the holliday deals have been so good Ive bought a lot more than that.

Also I get some used games from Family video and Gamefly, if its Under 20 I buy it most of the time cant pass it up even if I dont want to play it, but still I want them all!
Hey Marv, way to resurrect a dead thread lolz

I rarely buy a new game, and when I do, it's been pre-ordered. The last new one I bought was Borderlands 2. Or was it Walking Dead Collectors Ed. with the giant comic book? One of those two.

Now that my disc drive is dead, it's all digital download now.

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